About Us

Ms. Karen Douresseau is founder and CEO of Learning Time Academy/Tutoring, LLC. Initially, her field of study was medical, but after working as a substitute teacher in 1991, Ms. Douresseau found her niche. 

Nothing was more fulfilling than teaching and shaping young minds. She worked as a librarian in the district from 2006-2018 and is currently a permanent sub, teaching 2nd grade. Ms. Douresseau, or Ms. D., is fueled by her passion to help children realize their full potential. And with positive encouragement, they can meet and exceed their goals. "I consider myself a life-long student, always wanting to learn different ways of teaching and reaching my students." She considers her biggest professional and personal accomplishments are having the opportunities to do what she enjoys the most, serving in the capacity of an ongoing dream: helping children. 


Learning Time Tutoring Services, LLC is a newly established tutoring service that is dedicated to providing quality tutoring that supports and empowers students to achieve success. Our passion is to design a program to meet the needs of our student's future world journey. 

Mission Statement

Our mission at Learning Time is to serve diverse student populations, reducing barriers to student success by responding to their unique learning needs.

Vision Statement

Learning Time Tutoring, LLC is conducted in a constructive atmosphere of learning using a variety of tutoring techniques tailored to our client's learning style. Our main goal is to inspire students to become confident, independent learners who are prepared to meet academic and personal challenges.

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