Ansley Derry, 9 years old

"Ms. D. has impacted my education by breaking things down, helping me complete assignments, and giving me books to read to expand my mind(knowledge). She taught me that reading 20 minutes a day exposes my brain to 1.8 million words per year. Ms. D. showed me how to choose the Just Right Book."

"It all started at Martin Elementary when our librarian, Ms. Karen Douresseau, inspired me to become an author. She helped me read above 5th grade level and continued encouraging me to achieve my goals. The entire campus became authors that year! I wrote my first book about a trip I took to Disney Land, "Best Vacation Ever!" Ms. Douresseau gave me the confidence needed and I went on to publish an inspirational book of poetry entitled, "Life Through My Eyes."

Alexis Miller, 21 years

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